Keeping an eye on DNA-Based Vaccine


The science magazine “Scientific American” has recently included genetic vaccines in the “Ten technologies to keep an eye on”. The research of new vaccination strategies must take into consideration not only the vaccine-induced immune response, but also practical factors like ease of production, storage and costs: DNA meets most of these criteria, which makes it a suitable candidate for the generation of vaccines against infectious diseases or cancer.

Vaccine Takis - Rottapharm: how does it work and why is it different from others?

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The clinical trial for the second Italian vaccine, developed by the Roman company Takis in collaboration with Rottapharm biotech, has started last week. The first volunteer vaccinated with COVID-eVax  is Luca Rivolti, a 21 year old man from Monza. COVID-eVax, is a DNA-based vaccine, different from all the others already authorized.

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