Bioimaging course: theoretical and practical aspects. New techniques.

Date and Place: Rome, 25 - 26 June 2018 - Conference Room c / o Tecnopolo - Building B (Third Floor) - Via Castel Romano, 100 - 00128 Rome

Educational Goals and Didactics
Modern bioimaging techniques are becoming fundamental in diagnostic practices and clinical research. However, they have an increasingly important role also in preclinical research, demonstrating particular effectiveness in reducing the use of animals and thus establishing themselves as a useful tool for the application of the 3R principle. In vivo imaging is used today for different purposes: from pharmacological studies to the evaluation of disease progression in various fields, such as neuroscience and oncology.

The course aims to transmit the principles and knowledge necessary for the use of the most modern technologies available today for the imaging of biological processes in organoid tissues and animal models. Thanks to the contribution of experienced researchers, we will also describe the important applications in the discovery of the mechanisms of action of molecules in basic research, as well as the role of these technologies in translational studies that led to the definition of clinical trials and contribute to reducing the number of animals needed to achieve research objectives.

Number of participants: 30

Participation fee
• 50,0 Euro for staff and VITARES members
• 120,0 Euro for the other Participants

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